Construction Jobs in Dubai – The Construction Boom has re-started!

Construction Jobs in Dubai,Construction Jobs in Dubai – The Construction Boom has re-started! Articles have started to pick up in a big way, as Dubai’s economy starts to grow again. Most major construction companies have resumed work on projects that were left half-finished earlier. Once again, Dubai is targeting to attract the best talent in the world.

Sending in your Resume to Recruitment Agencies is very important, but not enough. To secure lucrative Dubai Construction Jobs requires you to be more proactive. We present extensive informationĀ Construction jobs on our website, that you will find very useful to apply and secure your DREAM Dubai Construction Jobs.

I advise you to follow and implement each and every step and link given. That will ensure you receive lots of quality offers of construction jobs UAE, that you can choose from.

The following construction careers listed below are much in demand in Dubai:

Site Supervisor, Contracts Manager, Project Architect,

Construction Project Managers, Civil Estimator, Project Manager,

Site Surveyor, Architectural Draftsman, AutoCAD Draughtsman,

Excavator Operator, Supervisor / Foreman, Construction Manager,

Electronics Technician, AutoCAD Draftsman, Quantity Surveyor,

Civil Estimator, General Foreman, Industrial Electrician,

Carpenter, Construction Worker/Laborer, Electrician,

Ironworker, Mason, Painter,

Plumber, Roofer, Surveyor and lots more.


You will find the following information on our website:

Email ID’s and URL links of recruiting agencies, (a mix of general agencies and, those specific to Construction Jobs, Dubai.

Email ID’s and URL links of Companies offering Dubai Construction Jobs.

Interview Questions & Answers (Middle East region specific)

Interview Cracking Tips

Names of top recruiters to follow on Twitter & Facebook etc.


The Email ID’s and URL links of the following Recruitment Agencies specific to Construction jobs are listed on our website (the link is given below):

ACR World Intl. Search

iQ selection

Executive Solutions UAE

Hill McGlynn Dubai

SineWave HR Consultancy

Fish People Consulting

Al Taayeen Management Consultants

Clarendon Parker (Middle-East)

Concur Consultants

Millenium Solutions

Upload your Resume on the recruiting company’s website, by clicking on the link or send in your Resume via the Email ID’s listed.

The Email ID’s and URL links of the following Construction Companies are listed on our website (the link is given below):

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